Here is a brief selection of links.

JJ Crowder Masonic pages are particularly good.
Pietre-stones An enormous site, packed with information. A clear and comprehensive attempt to rebut objections raised by the ‘Anti-Masonry’ movement.
Freemasonry Watch The most well known of the ‘Anti-masonry’ sites. Apparently there have been several attempts by Freemasons to close this site down.

Cnaan Aviv has an interesting site on gematria that includes an extremely useful calculator. It calculates Latin script words by Agrippa’s gematria code, although he curiously calls this ‘Jewish Gematria’. His calculator also produces figures for ‘English’ and ‘Simple’ gematria, but these are modern versions without historical provenance.

The Marlowe Society The Marlowe Society is dedicated to preserving the memory of the greatest poet and dramatist prior to Shakespeare. Some members believe Marlowe was Shakespeare, too. There are interesting research articles and links, as well as full information about the society.
Ros Barber Ros Barber is the author of the widely acclaimed blank verse novel, The Marlowe Papers, which explores the Shakespearean afterlife of the poet. She has made many other notable contributions to the field.
PBS frontline The American TV channel’s site that sprang up out of interest in Mike Rubbo’s film. Lot’s of information here and especially useful for educators trying to make Shakespeare interesting for schoolchildren.

Shakespeare Authorship
Diana Price has a site accompanying her excellent book Shakespeare’s Unorthodox Biography – New Evidence of an Authorship Problem.

Graham Hancock The author of several excellent books on esoteric subjects – Fingerprints of the Gods, The Sign and the Seal etc – has a very good site with a lot of related information. His Newsdesk, with reports from newspapers and websites around the world is well worth bookmarking.