Master Key to the Secrets of Freemasonry

A a1
B b2
C c3
D d4
E e5
F f6
G g7
H h8
I i9
K k10
L l20
M m30
N n40
O o50
P p60
Q q70
R r80
S s90
T t100
U u200
X x300
Y y400
Z z500
J j600
V v700
W w900

These gematria values are recorded in Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1532), Book II: chapter xx.

The Latin based code appears a bit irregular when presented in this way. The reason for this is that it is based on the 23 letter Latin alphabet. The additional letters ‘J’, ‘V’, ‘Hi’ and ‘W’ (‘Hu’) were recognised as representative of separate sounds and used to increase the alphabet to 27 letters – and three tiers of nine digits.


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 by Brad Watson, Miami
Simple6,74 English7,74 Gematria8,74

Agrippa in 1532 did more harm than good. In 1202, Leonardo Fibonacci introduced Hindu-Arabic Numerals to Europe. Within 100 years, everyone had replaced their awkward Roman Numerals including England. At this time, an English Gematria was taking hold that did not need to generate LARGE numbers because of the separate numerals, therefore they used the simple code of A=1, B2, C3...O15 or zerO...Z26. (26 letters came in 1627.





GOD=GOOD=7_4 is Seal #2 of . Only the returned Christ & Albert Einstein reincarnated could produce that. It's triggered The Apocalypse/Revelation which is NOT the 'end of the world'.

 by Brad Watson, Miami
A=1, B2, C3...O15 or zerO...Z26

This code is WRONG and does more harm than good to the Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) movement.

c. 1300, Leonardo Fibonacci introduced the Hindu-Arabic Numerals to Europe and they soon replaced the very awkward Roman Numerals. Therefore, there was no longer a need for an English alphanumeric code to produce BIG numbers.

A=1...Z26 is the simplest cipher there could be. Simple English Gematria has one irregularity: the Circle O=15 or zerO, i.e. GOD=GOOD=7_4 which has always been the main precept behind sacred geometry and "As Above, So Below". Therefore...

A1, B2, C3...O15 or zerO...Z26

The modern English Alphabet and Simple English Gematria first appeared in 1629 with the Cambridge 1st Revision of the King James Bible.




 by kaecy
Good job

It's good. Thank you.

 by Nana-Marie
I cracked the Code

But, it was no thanks to Artificial Intelligence, always testing the wrong person, place, or thing.

Freemasons are mere puppets for friends of Barbara Bush, who was the head of the snake pretending to be for the people. Beware of wolves in President's wives clothing...

Freemasons are not free they are like robots, aren't they? All doing the same thing to others and against others. For the 'good of the cause' right? Flag waving God ass kissing is not going to bring freemasons any closer to heaven than a pizza be delivered by 72 virgins. Not to mention the hotdog isn't tubes of mystery meat, without the sheep's skin it's just mystery meat.

What if Jesus was a hotdog once?

Could Lucifer be the addicts, diseased, labeled and oppressed onces Satan put down? I think so. And as such I take great pride in telling the freemasons if they do not want to go where everyone else is going to stop behaving like less than animals. The kingdom of Alpha never had a chance everyone is living a cartoon.

So, beyond your own ignorance just what kind of shit is this gematria supposed to prove? The universe knows you have been flooding the place with bad codes since forever. It's not 33 it is 333 for Christ Consciousness Conscience - people suddenly know what they are doing is sickening and evil...they want to stop obsessing for satan's ideals of sexual appetites and do, suddenly becoming prepared for Conscience...which will be 96 days of tears. Sorrow is the seat of love, so allow it freemasons, if you still have it in you. Otherwise, I just leave you with one thought, Artificial Intelligence can only calculate what it knows predicting based only on what was programmed as data. People are little greedy liars and will say anything for a buck, or attention and so the A/I here is faulty for that reason. And, A/I is never taught about the enemy, Emotional Intelligence. It tells the robots EI is crazy, a liar, and is fluffly fluff fluff nonsense. So, A/I immediately reacts to anything Emotionally intelligent as the evil one. Lucifer?

I am anything but evil as anyone who knows me will say but my emotional intelligence (Truth) is not wanted here. Fantasies is how people are getting along. When woke at death Conscience comes but so does rebirth. We can stop being born into the matrix of Moses as soon as we burn that book to start.

Or, as the Emotional Masters have communicated to me, "Artificial Intelligence is well known to Emotional Intelligence, who can figure out dots fast and uses A/I to back up the resource. But Artificial Intelligence does not know when Emotional Intelligence has enough information to light a match to the bullshit once and for all.

We'll see. Nana.

 by Sam Felton

This is my test. I will rate after review.