The proceedings of the lodge are always closed by the Worshipful Master with the curiously archaic words, “Amen. So mote it be”. The full expression has a value of 517, which is identical to that of the Greek words, Η Ρητρα – ‘The Law’ and Θυρη – ‘Door’ or ‘Threshold’. The ritual words thereby seal the session and close the door on it.

If we just count just the words, ‘So mote it be’, the score is 441 and this is the same as the important Hebrew word, ‘AMTh’, meaning ‘Truth’. The implication is that The Law of Freemasonry is nothing less than The Truth. The word ‘Amen’ also means ‘Truly’ or ‘Verily’, so the full expression can be interpreted to mean ‘Verily, the Truth’.

1) 517 is also the value of , ‘Master Mason’.