This example comes from the forteenth degree of Scottish rite Freemasonry. The motto for this degree is, ‘Virtus Junxit Mors Non Seperabit’ – ‘What Virtue Has Joined Together Death Shall Not Separate’. It has a gematria value of 3160. This equates it firstly with the description of St John found in John’s Gospel, ‘That disciple whom Jesus loved’ . We also find at 3161 the Greek words, Το κοας χρυσου – ‘The golden fleece’. This fits in with the ancient (Templar) identification of John as the ‘Lamb of God’. These connections suggest that this degreeMasonry unites the Mason to the master builder Christ with the same love that Christ bore to to his beloved disciple John.

We also find at this value an alchemical allusion for here is the conjunction of ‘MIM’ – water, and ‘ASh’ – fire, when both words are ennumerated in plenitude (1320 + 1841).

3160 is also a numerical key to the 28th degree, the Rosicrucian and cabalistic ‘Knight of the Sun’. In the ritual of this degree there are 9 principle officers: representing the seven planetary angels and two figures personifying the extremities of human history – MIKAL, GBRIAL, RPhAL, TzPhRIAL, KMAL, AZRAL, AVRIAL + Thrice Perfect Father Adam & Brother Truth. These nine sum as 101 + 246 + 311 + 411 + 91 + 239 + 248 + 700 + 813 = 3160.

It is arguable that the spelling of ‘seperabit’ is more correctly ‘separabit’. If taken as such the gematria value of the motto falls to 3156 and the meaning assigned to it above is lost. Manley Palmer Hall used the former spelling in his esoteric compendium The Secret Teaching of all Ages.


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 by Haikudoc
Inscription......Virtus etc.

Also found on inside of ring with YOD in Triangle......5/30/2019